Saturday, July 10, 2010

7 - 11

to most people this these numbers usually mean a convenient store chain.
but to me it's a date that forever changed my life.

eight years ago today, on july 11th, my mother anne, passed away from ovarian cancer.

she fought her battle with cancer for almost 2 and a half years.
she so wanted to live. she tried any treatment the doctors would give her just so she could stay here a little longer.
and she was still my mom - beautiful as always, in her cute short haired blonde wig and never without her make up on. i suppose it still made her feel "normal" in a life that wasn't anyone. cancer took alot away from her and my family as it does to all those touched by it.

i still miss her so. and always will.

so in honor of this day and my mom, i will be launching special editions of my "little box of hope" quickits in your choice of cancer awareness ribbon colors. i will be donating 10% of the sales of these kits to the National Cancer Insititue (in your choice of cancer research) and another 10% to the Ovarian Cancer National Allance in honor of my mom.

below are the colors available:

teal - ovarian cancer
pink - breast cancer
white - lung cancer
purple - pancreatic cancer & leiomyosarcoma
orange - leukemia & kndey cancer
black - melanoma
navy - colon cancer
burgundy - multiple myelomagrey - brain cancer
blue - prostate cancer
gold - childhood cancer & osteosarcoma
lime - lymphoma
peach - uterine cancer
yellow - sarcoma/bone cancer & bladder cancer
green - liver cancer
periwinkle - esophageal cancer & stomach cancer
lavender - all cancers

please see my "shoppe" at to for more details or to purchase.